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There are many advantages of becoming a business partner with Adenna:

  • Adenna gloves are of superb and consistent quality to meet and exceed customer's expectation for repeat orders;

  • Adenna has ample production capacity and inventory to provide a reliable and continuous supply of products to meet growing needs;

  • As a direct manufacturer, Adenna can offer the most competitive pricing and high values to expand market share and increase profit margin;

  • Adenna's distribution centers anre strategically located in regional business hubs of the country to improve operational and delivery efficiency for our dealers and customers.

Adenna is proud of its prompt and courteous customer service and support.  In addition, Adenna provides a variety of effective marketing tools, such as sample packs, color catalogs, and promotional items, to help build successful businesses.

Visit our TESTIMONIALS page at and see what our dealers and customers say about us.

Please contact Adenna Inc. by telephone or by e-mail:

             Tel: 1.888.3ADENNA (1.888.323.3662)


In your e-mail, please provide your name, company name, city and/or state you are located, the industries / markets your business serves, and indicate that you are interested in becoming a dealer.  We will get back to you promptly.