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Adenna Blue NPF Nitrile Powder-Free Examination Gloves offer a high valued and dependable solution to those allergic to natural latex protein. These gloves, formulated with 100% synthetic nitrile polymer, are latex-free, powder-free and odor-free. The unique thermal sensitive polymer compound absorbs body heat and easily conforms to user's hands;
thus, exerts virtually no pressure on
the hands and reduces fatigue after
extended wear.






Our Blue NPF Nitrile Gloves are much softer and more elastic than other nitrile gloves.
- 100% latex-free eliminates potential allergic reactions to natural latex protein
- Textured surface provides strong grip for both wet and dry applications
- Superior puncture, tear and chemical resistance with excellent tactile sensitivity and dexterity
- Available in size S, M, L and XL